Welcome to KK Valuation Services!

A business valuation is the process of determining how much your business is worth. Business valuation can be used to determine the real value of a business. We take complete responsibility of valuation we do and provide complete support to our clients to justify the valuation arrived at.

Our valuation team is a group of highly credential business valuation professionals that have completed various business valuation engagements for closely-held companies in a wide range of industries. We provide our clients with the business valuation method that they need without any of the potential conflicts that could be created by offering ancillary professional services. We are frequently recommended by other financial professionals due to our independence and lack of conflicts of interest. Our valuation approach is both hands-on and thorough.

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Services that we provide!

Estate & Gift Tax Reporting

A comprehensive, well-supported business valuation is crucial when gifting interests in a company.

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Employee Stock Options / 409A Valuation

Unlike public companies where value is set by the market, private companies use independent appraisers to assess their value.

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Fair Value Measurements

One of the primary purposes that valuation analysts value intangibles assets is for financial reporting of Business Combination

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Fairness Opinion

A service that is very closely related to business valuation is the fairness opinion.

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Valuation Process!

Data Collection

Due Diligence

Financial Analysis

Discussion with client

Use of Approaches

Adjustments to valuation

Report Writing

KK Valuation Services maintain:

Client Confidentiality

All the information related to any client is considered confidential and never be disclosed to anyone.

Client Support

We keep building good relationships with clients and ensure a great impression.

Time & Cost Effectiveness

We provide Quality Professional Services at par with Industry Standards. Services shall be given Timely & Cost Effective.

Excellence in Service

To not just meet but exceed client expectation consistently by imbibing Teamwork, Professionalism & Specialisation.