About Us


About KK Valuation Services!

KK Valuation Services is a Business Valuation company providing end-to-end valuation support services across valuation advisory, investment banking, institutional investor and management advisory domains.

Our centric business is to partner with the clients in the Business Valuation industry that provide valuation services for the purpose of Tax Compliance and Financial Reporting. Our proposal is based on outsourcing value proposition at a cost competitive price and a revenue sharing model.

We specialize in valuation of small to middle market closely held private companies across all the sectors.

Our Mission!

KK Valuation Services maintains high standards of valuation process on each engagement. The result of this commitment are financial services that add value to our client, by reducing their costs. Our client service philosophy is specifically intended to create a client relationship that is built on integrity and trust, proactive advice, and immediate responsiveness to our clients needs.

Our Values!

Our value proposition is to enable our clients to outsource their analyst functions by engaging our teams. Clients can utilize their in-house resources more effectively by focusing on new business development, idea generation and client servicing. While upholding outstanding quality, our clients are able to benefit from significant cost savings. KK Valuation Services’ flexible engagement model makes available the secondment of full-time equivalent or part-time fully-trained financial analysts. For complete or part-projects, we offer our expert teams to completely support client needs. At KK Valuation Services, we strive for value-driven, quality products delivered on time.