About KK Valuation Services

Founded in 2019, KK Valuation Services is an off-shore Business Valuation company providing end-to-end valuation support services across valuation advisory, investment banking, institutional investors and management advisory domains.

Our centric business is to partner with the clients in the Business Valuation industry that provide valuation services for the purpose of Tax Compliance and Financial Reporting. Our proposal is based on outsourcing value proposition at a cost competitive price and a revenue sharing model.

KK Valuation Services assists their clients through a broad capacity of services spanning from the determination of the value of a business to consultation on the financial implications and due diligence process of the sale, acquisition or investment in a company. We specialize in valuation of small to middle market closely held private companies across all the sectors.

Our highly credentialed professional team works tirelessly to deliver tangible results to our clients. Our focus is to provide our client’s maximized results with their minimized efforts. We thrive to make our client’s life easy!